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What It Is

​KASPER is a controlled substance prescription monitoring system designed to be a source of information to assist practitioners and pharmacists with providing medical and pharmaceutical patient care using controlled substance medications. KASPER also provides an investigative tool for law enforcement and regulatory agencies to assist with authorized reviews and investigations. KASPER is not intended to prevent patients from receiving needed controlled substance medications.

​Access to the KASPER system is carefully controlled through identity and credential checks and secure web access. Access to KASPER is available to the entities listed below.

  • Practitioners and pharmacists for medical or pharmaceutical treatment of their patient, and for reviewing data on controlled substances administered or dispensed to the birth mother of an infant being treated for neonatal abstinence syndrome or prenatal drug exposure.
  • Law enforcement officers for a bona fide drug-related investigation.
  • Commonwealth's attorneys and assistant commonwealth's attorneys, county attorneys and assistant county attorneys. 
  • Licensure boards for an investigation of a licensee.
  • A Medicaid program for utilization review on a recipient.
  • A grand jury by subpoena.
  • A judge or probation or parole officer administering a drug diversion or probation program.
  • A medical examiner engaged in a death investigation.

Pharmacies and dispensing practitioners are required to report to KASPER within one business day of administering or dispensing a controlled substance in KY as provided for under KRS 218A.202  and 902 KAR 55:110.

Pharmacies and other dispensers should report administered or dispensed controlled substance information through the KASPER Data Collection System. Reporting data to KASPER requires establishing and account via the Cabinet single sign-on system, Kentucky Online Gateway, then registering as an uploader in the KASPER Data Collection System. Please refer to KASPER Controlled Substance Reporting Guide  for information on how to register and report data to KASPER.

​Access to KASPER requires a Kentucky Online Gateway account.  KOG is the Cabinet's single sign-on security portal. Individuals seeking to create a new KASPER account will need to establish a KOG account (or use their existing account if currently registered with KOG.)  Pharmacists and practitioners who want to allow someone to request KASPER reports on their behalf, must use the My Delegations function in KOG to issue an invitation to their desired delegate(s). 

Send hardcopy KASPER account applications along with all required supporting documentation to:

Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices Branch
KASPER Registration
275 E. Main St., 5E-D
Frankfort, KY 40621

Logging on to KASPER for existing users

KOG login (to access existing KASPER accounts)

For Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) support contact the KOG Security Help Desk by phone 502-564-0104 extension 2, or email: KOG Help Desk.

For KASPER technical support contact the KASPER Help Desk by phone 502-564-2703 or email: KASPER Help Desk 

​KASPER prescriber account holders may now access their quarterly and annual KASPER Prescriber Report Cards. Please review the eKASPER Prescriber Report Card User Guide for more information. Prescriber Report Card comparison data for all Kentucky prescribers and for each specialty area can be viewed in the KASPER Dashboard.

​If a KASPER report contains erroneous controlled substance prescription records, the practitioner or patient should contact the dispenser to verify the information reported. The dispenser can correct information reported in error by referring to the KASPER Record Correction guide. If the dispenser verifies that the information was reported accurately, the dispenser or practitioner should contact the Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices Branch at 502-564-7985 to investigate the error.


KASPER Trend Reports, Threshold Reports, Tips and Studies (select using the down arrow below)

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