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As we continue talking to team members across the Cabinet, we are delighted to share a recent conversation with IT Specialist Chad Heilig. His CHFS career began about 15 years ago as an IT contractor. One year later he was offered a full-time job at CHFS. His current area is SharePoint applications. SharePoint is a highly customizable web-based content organization and management, collaboration and business process platform that can be configured to meet virtually unlimited use requirements in a secure environment. The collaboration platform has been crucial during COVID-19 by enabling users to approve and submit/resubmit important documents remotely from any device with Internet service. I, personally, am in awe of how quickly our IT staff pulled it together during the early days of the pandemic. All the technology specialists at CHFS should be proud of their contributions. Although most IT professionals prefer to remain in the background, we can all agree that their work is essential for every member of the Cabinet. After all, someone has to keep all of this software and hardware functioning properly.

Eric Friedlander, Secretary
Cabinet for Health and Family Services

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