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Who We Are

The Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) currently contracts with five (5) Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to provide coverage for most of Kentucky’s Medicaid recipients.  DMS is responsible for the oversight of the Medicaid program, including the MCOs.  MCOs process claims, provide disease management, prior authorization, etc. for their respective recipients.

Health care is important to an individual and his or her family and choosing an MCO plan that works best for everyone is very important.  Each MCO must provide the same benefits and cost-sharing.  However, some MCOs offer special programs, in addition to normal Medicaid benefits.

Important Questions to Consider When Picking an MCO

  1. Which plan has all or most of the doctors my family and I visit?
  2. Which plan has the hospitals my family and I like to use?
  3. Do I or any family member have a health problem which needs treatment by a specific type of doctor or specialist?
  4. Which MCO offers special programs that may be of interest to me and my family?


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