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The Advisory Council for Medical Assistance (MAC) advises the Department for Medicaid Services regarding Medicaid health and medical care.

The MAC consists of 19 members appointed by the governor representing the KY Medical Association, KY Dental Association, KY Hospital Association, KY Medical Equipment Suppliers Association, KY Pharmacist Association, KY Association of Health Care Facilities, KY Nurses’ Association, State Board of Podiatry, KY Home Health Association, KY Optometric Association, KY Association of Nonprofit Homes and Services for the Aging, Inc., health care advocates,  and Medicaid recipients, the elderly and consumers including low-income persons, children and youth, women, minorities and disabled persons.

Each member serves a four-year term.

MCO Presentations to the MAC

Aetna Presentation presented July 2019
Anthem Presentation  presented July 2019
Humana Caresourse Presentation presented July 2019
Passport Presentation presented May 2019
WellCare Presentation presented May 2019

MAC Binder

Section 1 – Letters From CMS
Section 2 – Letters to CMS
Section 3 – Reports
Section 4 – TAC Meeting Notes and Information
Section 5 – Provider and Member Communications
Section 6 - Miscellaneous

Contact Information