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The purpose of the Foster Care FACTS is to summarize key data points for our knowledge and management; have consistent data released to the field or external partners who request data on specific points; and produce data for comparisons over time and between regions.

The creation of Foster Care FACTS is intended to create consistency in how DCBS reports to others. These are the numbers to release when asked questions like, how many children are in OOHC? Here we would always release the same total number of children in OOHC with active placements. The data can be verified using standard TWIST reports.

The Foster Care FACTS are based on the TWS W058 dataset from TWIST. This dataset includes all children in DCBS custody, their placement and demographic and cost data. The TWS W058 FACT sheet will be generated monthly (first full week of the month) and serve as the numbers to report for the entire month. These Foster Care FACTS can be shared with your staff.