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All FRYSC forms and downloads are available on this website. Forms are updated frequently, so please download a new form each time you submit information.

FRYSC Forms and Reports Due Dates and Submission Guidelines

CPP 19-20 Center Operations Form

FY21-22 Continuation Program Plans (CPP)

Free lunch counts will be downloaded by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) by Dec. 1.

The FY21-22 Action Components, Center Operations Information and Advisory Council Membership will be entered into the FRYSC Counts! data system prior to March 1. 

Below are the continuation program plan documents for FY21-22. Please complete each one and upload separately to the appropriate center information page. The Checklist and Assurances Pages should be scanned. The Inventory Form and Needs Assessment Data Sheet should be uploaded in their original Word or Excel formats.

CPP Due date: March 1

CPP 21-22 Checklist

CPP Inventory Form (submit with CPP unless previously uploaded). Download the data sheet specific to your center type:

CPP 21-22 All Assurances Pages

Budgets will be entered in FRYSC Counts! at a later date.
Reminder for coordinator salary line items: salary should be separated from fringe in the narrative.

Amendments and Budget-Related Forms

  • This form is for regional program manager approval for center operations amendments only.  Please note that budget changes, purchase/subcontract requests, and action component amendments are now made in FRYSC Counts.
  • Note: Budget changes will be made on the original budget form submitted with the CPP. For budget changes, click the appropriate budget change tab within the document.


The forms and spreadsheets below are samples created by FRYSC coordinators and are placed here with permission.

Sample coordinator evaluation tools:

Sample Needs Surveys:

PowerPoint Presentations: