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Paper forms no longer are accepted. Electronic submission through the Kentucky Medicaid Partner Portal Application (KY MPPA) is required for all applications, revalidation and maintenance items.

Provider News

In compliance with KRS 205.532, the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) implemented the Kentucky Medicaid Partner Portal Application (KY MPPA) system allowing all provider types to enroll, revalidate and/or perform maintenance electronically. The KY MPPA complies with all federal and state requirements, policies and procedures related to provider enrollment, revalidation and maintenance.

KY MPPA requires a provider email address to be associated with the provider KY Medicaid number (existing and new) and is required to secure accounts. The email address cannot be the credentialing contact email address, only the providers'. Prescribing providers already use an email address for KASPER through KY Online Gateway. For these provider types, this is the preferred email.

Enrolling New Kentucky Medicaid Providers

Before enrolling:

  1. Review the provider type summary for your provider type to understand the documentation required to enroll.
  2. Review the training resources to help navigate the KY MPPA.
  3. Download multifactor authentication software.
  4. Create an account and start an application on the KY MPPA.

How long will the enrollment process take?

The enrollment process may take up to 60 days or longer if the documentation or information is not complete or correct. Any outstanding accounts receivable must be settled before the application can be approved. Please refer to KRS 205.532 (4) (a) for more information on the enrollment timeline.

Current Kentucky Medicaid Provider

Do you need to make an update or revalidate your current Medicaid Provider information, such as:

  • ​license update
  • change of ownership​
  • address change​
  • name change
  • EFT change
  • link to a group​
  • NPI/taxonomy change​
  • revalidate​

You will need to update or revalidate your account through the KY MPPA.

Updating a State License

When Kentucky Medicaid providers update their licenses, they must submit a copy of the license to Kentucky Medicaid through KY MPPA to keep their provider information updated.  

Provider types listed below who update their licenses with their respective boards at least 15 working days prior to the expiration date and no later than the last day to renew, will not be required to submit licensure verification to DMS until revalidation or maintenance is necessary. Otherwise, the license verification must be submitted to DMS through KY MPPA

Note: Providers with out-of-state licenses must submit updated license information through the KY MPPA.

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