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What It Is

The national interest in accreditation and performance management of health departments is grounded in the desire to improve the performance of public health agencies and ultimately to improve health status. Accreditation and performance management emphasize quality improvement.  The Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) encourages all Kentucky Local Health Departments (LHDs) to pursue national accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).  Those LHDs not pursuing accreditation are encouraged to adopt the PHAB standards and measures as public health best practices.

PHAB is the nationally recognized organization that accredits state, local and tribal health departments. Three Kentucky LHDs were among the first eleven health department to become accredited and many more have since applied or are in the process of applying to PHAB including the Kentucky Department for Public Health.

Have a question related to accreditation, performance management, or quality improvement? Contact the State Accreditation Coordinator

State Resources

A unique group of Kentucky Department for Public Health employees including division directors, program managers and senior leadership are currently working on accreditation for the Kentucky Department for Publici Health. 

To prepare, DPH employees should become familiar with the accreditation process and standards. 

Public Health Accreditation Board 
PHAB requires certain plans to be in place when applying for agency accreditation

More information about DPH plans:Association of State and Territorial Health Officers (ASTHO) provides tools and technical support to its members pursuing accreditation

Useful links from ASTHO: