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Public Health and Medical Preparedness Program

The Kentucky Department for Public Health serves as the lead agency for Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 Public Health and Medical Services. The ESF #8 Public Health and Medical Services Annex defines how Kentucky's ESF #8 agencies will coordinate public health and medical related preparedness, response, and recovery activities for any incident/event (emergency, disaster, exercise, or planned event) that will require state-level coordination. Many of the agencies involved in ESF #8 activities have existing emergency plans and procedures which this annex is designed to complement and support.
Many programs operate under the Public Health Preparedness Branch. Each program helps build capacity for the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) and public health emergency preparedness (PHEP) capabilities at the local and state level through the use of federal funds and by coordinating with ESF #8 support agencies to implement an active assessment, planning, organizing, equipping, training, exercise and evaluation program.


Kentucky Public Health preparedness enhances the capacity of the Kentucky Department for Public Health, local public health departments and the health care system to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from the adverse health effects of public health emergencies and disasters.


Public Health is prepared. Kentuckians are protected.


ESF #8 Coordinating, Primary and Supporting Agencies

ESF 8 Coordinating agencies.docx


Resources and Helpful Links

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
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Preparedness Systems

This section describes the various Kentucky Public Health Emergency Preparedness systems.



Catalyst is a reporting tool that allows the preparedness program to objectively collect data on the "deliverables" required for each entity within the preparedness branch. This site does require a username and password. If you have any questions or issues regarding Catalyst please contact Jeff Brock.
Catalyst Website


ReadyOp is an incident management system that is primarily used for sending alerts and maintaining situational awareness through Email, telephone, and texts. This system can also be used to develop organizational structures and reports for obtaining needed information in a timely manner from a large number of personnel. More information can be found at



WebEOC® is a critical incident management system developed by Emergency Service Integrators. This site is password protected. Unauthorized access and tampering are strictly forbidden. If you need access or have issues with WebEOC please email the WebEOC helpdesk.
Kentucky Division of Emergency Management WebEOC® site


The Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) has established the Kentucky Health Emergency Listing of Professionals for Surge (K HELPS) program. K HELPS is a web-based online registration system developed to facilitate health and medical response through identification, credentialing, and deployment of Kentuckians willing to serve in emergency, as well as non-emergency situations. This site does require a username, password, or registration. If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact Heather Walls.
K HELPS Website


Sharepoint is a site for sharing documents among agencies and agency partners. This site does require access to be granted. 
If you do not have an email address you will need to register for a citizen account through the Kentucky Online Gateway before requesting access. This site does require a username and password. If you have issues or questions please call or e-mail the Preparedness Branch.

SharePoint Website
Kentucky Online Gateway website