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Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities Construction Program

The Public Swimming Pool and Bathing Facility Program ensures healthy conditions and safety at regulated facilities throughout Kentucky by reviewing plans and conducting inspections during the construction and renovation process.  All new construction and any renovations to existing facilities must be reviewed and approved by program staff prior to beginning construction activities.

Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities Construction Program


The Environmental Public Health Tracking Program at the Kentucky Department for Public Health provides information and data about how the environment affects human health. Use this website to answer questions about air quality, drinking water, cancer and a wide variety of other topics.

Kentucky's Environmental Public Health Tracking Network

Environmental Lead Program

The Environmental Lead Program oversees the lead-based paint hazard detection and abatement industry to ensure that lead-based paint hazards are safely found and removed from homes and child-occupied facilities to protect the health of the occupants, especially young children.

Environmental Lead Program

Methamphetamine Guidance Documents

Regulations require the posting and cleanup of dwellings contaminated by production of methamphetamines. Local health departments have some responsibility for posting and coordinating with state and local law enforcement and the Energy and Environment Cabinet Division of Waste Management to ensure anyone entering contaminated property is warned of potential dangers inside.