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Who We Are

‚ÄčThe Office of Administrative and Technology Services (OATS) administers a broad range of Cabinet programs and services, from information technology to facilities management. OATS is dedicated to providing efficient, effective, quality services for CHFS staff and the general public.

Programs &

OATS provides technical oversight of numerous programs that touch the lives of Kentuckians, including the Kentucky Health Information Exchange, CHFS capital construction projects and contract oversight and review.

The office brings together key Cabinet leaders to achieve its complex mission. Specifically, the office is responsible for:

  • Strategic direction and oversight of Cabinet technology resources and projects;
  • Support and oversight of  Cabinet accounting services to ensure compliance with state, federal and accepted accounting guidelines;
  • Managing Cabinet nonprofessional services (price) contracts and commodity procurement;
  • Oversight, monitoring, auditing and assuring process compliance with the Kentucky Model Procurement Code, FAPs and CHFS policies and procedures;
  • Coordination and development of the CHFS six-year capital plan and budget requests;
  • Facilitation and monitoring in-house and capital construction projects for Cabinet-owned properties/buildings;
  • Training and safety inspections to ensure Cabinet offices/facilities are safe, compliant environments for staff, clients and visitors;
  • Installation, relocation and maintenance of telephone equipment;
  • Operation and maintenance of network infrastructure;
  • Statewide maintenance and support of CHFS desktop systems;
  • End user support for network and security issues; and
  • Telecommunication support.