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What It Is

NOTE:  If you have not applied for Local Health Department positions before, please read the information below before completing the Application. Once you have completed your application, please return to the local health department where employment is being sought.

Health Departments throughout the state advertise vacancies to recruit for qualified individuals.  To be considered for a position with a local health department, an application for employment (CH-36) must be completed and submitted within the time frame(s) required in the advertisement.  The application has instructions on completion and the submission to the local health department.

The local health department will submit all applications to staff of the Local Health Personnel Branch in Frankfort.  They will review the information and material to determine if an applicant meets the minimum requirements of education and experience.  An applicant will be notified by mail of the results of the review.  If an applicant meets the minimum requirements, the applicant’s name will be placed on a register.  The local health department uses the register to select an applicant for the vacant position.  An applicant may remain on the register for a period of one year from the date of establishment of the register, unless the health department exhaust the register, applicant has been considered three times, declined an interview or failed to reply. 

The majority of advertisements for vacancies in a local health department have a closing date to receive the application.  There are positions in health departments with recruitment difficulties that remain on an open recruitment.  Applications will be accepted continuously for these positions.

As an applicant for employment in the local health department system, you do not have the right to appeal this action except as provided in 902 KAR 8:110, section 1.  This section allows appeals only from applicants who wish to challenge their examination scores, or who believe their applications were rejected due to illegal discrimination.  An Appeal Form must be completed and returned within thirty (30) days after the date on which the notification was mailed.

Local Health Department Application For Employment 

NOTE:  Please read the Employment Information page before completing the application. Applications should be returned to the local health department where employment is being sought.

We appreciate your interest in employment with the Kentucky local health departments. To be considered for employment opportunities, an application must be completed. A resume will not substitute.

Application for Employment

(Word) (PDF)

Completing Your Application

  • Sign application
  • Answer all application questions completely
  • Print in ink or type the application
  • Include transcripts if required for the position (incomplete application may be rejected)

Deadline for Filing Your Application in Person or by Email

All applications must be turned in by the close of business on the date listed in the advertisement. No additional information will be collected after the closing date.

Change of Name and Address

Change of name and address should be reported in writing to the health department you applied to with your former name and/or address along with your new information.

For additional Information or Questions

Local Health Departments in Kentucky are covered by Administrative Regulation 902 KAR 8:040 through 902 KAR 8:140.