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The mission of the Breast Cancer Research and Education Trust Fund is to reduce breast cancer incidence and mortality in Kentucky. The Breast Cancer Research and Education Trust Fund offers community grants to support local efforts to reduce the incidence of breast cancer. Efforts target the needs and challenges specific to underserved population groups and geographic regions.

Displaying the Kentucky Breast Cancer Awareness license plate is a great way to raise awareness and show support of regular breast cancer screening and early detection. The Kentucky Breast Cancer Awareness license plate is available from your local county clerk. County clerk offices charge $44 for the license plate with $28 going to the state, $6 going to the county and $10 going to the Breast Cancer Trust Fund. 

Kentuckians can also support the trust fund by using all or a part of their Kentucky state income tax returns.

FY 2020 Breast Cancer Trust Fund Application Process

The trust fund application is available online. Applicants must submit an application electronically and mail one hard copy to the Division of Women's Health. 

Eligible grant applicants include nonprofit entities, educational institutions and government agencies in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Each applicant must offer a program or service that seeks to address the needs of the commonwealth.

To ensure meeting the 20-minute time limit, applicants should prepare answers to open-ended questions before beginning that section of the application. A detailed budget is required for all applicants. Please include your budget outline on the application. When submitting forms electronically, please provide files in Microsoft Word or text (.txt) format.

Applications must be postmarked by Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020.

For any questions regarding how to fill out the application, please call or email Cindy Arflack at (502) 564-3236, ext. 4156.

BCTF Grantees

BCTF Application - paper form

BCTF Application - online

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