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What is Family Planning?

Family planning is a process that lets you decide when you want to have children.

Whether or not you are ready to have children, family planning can help you make choices that support your decision.

Confidential family planning services for women, men and teenagers include

Birth control
Pregnancy tests
Testing and treatment for STDs/STIs (sexually transmitted diseases)
Health education and counseling
Basic infertility information
Pelvic and breast exams
Reproductive health screenings
Other related lab testing
Follow-up and referral

Benefits of Family Planning

Having children when you want them
Being able to prepare financially for your children
Being healthier before and during a pregnancy
Not worrying about an unplanned pregnancy
Making your own decisions about birth control

The choice is yours.

Education and Counseling

The results of your check up and lab tests will be explained to you.  Family planning staff will educate and counsel you about birth control methods, including fertility awareness-based methods and abstinence (not having sex). This will help you choose the best method of birth control that benefits your lifestyle. 

The staff at the clinic will treat you as a unique person with your own needs and questions. Remember to have an open discussion with your partner about the method(s) that would be best for both of you.

Protect yourself from STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)/STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

STIs and STDs most commonly are passed during vaginal, anal or oral sex. Be alert for possible symptoms of an STI/STD. Symptom may not always occur. If you have an STI/STD, it is important to get treated as soon as possible. Ask about partner notification, too. Male latex condoms and female condoms, when used properly, are the only methods of contraception that can help protect you against STIs/STDs.

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