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What It Is

Participant Directed Services (PDS) allows people eligible for Medicaid waiver services to choose their own providers for nonmedical waiver services. Provider choice gives members greater flexibility in the delivery of services received.

Kentucky Medicaid members may participate in PDS if they currently receive or are eligible for services through the following waiver programs.

Home and Community Based Waiver (HCB) is designed to target assistance with those who have aging and/or physical disabilities.

Supports for Community Living Waiver (SCL) is designed to target assistance for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. There is a waiting list for allocation of this waiver to an individual; placement within this waiting list is determined by the Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental, and Intellectual Disabilities. This waiver may provide residential accommodations.

Acquired Brain Injury Acute Waiver (ABI-A) and Long-Term Care Brain Injury Waiver (ABI-LTC) are designed to target assistance for individuals with an acquired brain injury. There is a waiting list for allocation of these waivers to individuals. Placement on the waiting list is determined by the Department for Medicaid Services. These waivers may provide residential accommodations.

Michelle P Waiver (MPW) The Michelle P Waiver is designed to target assistance for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. There is a waiting list for this waiver.

How to Enroll

Current Participants receiving services within HCB, SCL, ABI/LTC or MP waiver may consult with their case manager to discuss enrollment in PDS.

Those not currently served under an eligible waiver, but who may qualify, can get help from home health agencies, adult day health centers, supports for community living providers or acquired brain injury service providers. Regional area agencies on aging and Independent Living and regional community mental health centers can provide help to eligible recipients interested in enrolling with PDS. Support brokers are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. A representative from any of these agencies may assist you with an application for a waiver through the Kentucky Benefind website.

Once enrolled in the PDS program, a participant’s case manager is replaced by a support broker/service advisor who helps arrange for needed services. This agency representative also helps develop plans of care and budgets, directs participants to training and helps with hiring service providers.

PDS Participant Responsibilities

  • Work with assigned support brokers/service advisors to develop individual plans of care that include support spending and emergency backup plans.
  • Hire, train, schedule and terminate staff as necessary.
  • Follow the plan of care and support spending plan and stay within budget limits.
  • Meet any patient liability obligations as determined by the Department for Community Based Services.
  • Choose a representative, if needed or desired.
  • Submit paperwork correctly and on time.
  • Follow PDS rules and guidelines.

Choosing Between PDS or Traditional Services

If a PDS participant discovers this option does not meet expectations and personal preferences in care and service delivery, he or she may return to traditional services without loss of eligibility. The department for Medicaid Services may also terminate a PDS participant should the member not continue to meet regulatory criteria. The support broker will help you understand your options.