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What It Is

​In response to federal Environmental Protection Agency rules and in order to prevent lead poisoning among Kentuckians, especially young children, Kentucky adopted the Environmental Lead Law - KRS 211.9061 to 211.9079 in June 1996. The law requires that:

  • After Jan. 1, 1997, all training programs providing or offering to provide an educational program designed to prepare persons for certification in lead-hazard detection or lead-hazard abatement services, shall be accredited by the Department of Public Health, and
  • After July 1, 1997, only persons who have been certified by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services are permitted to conduct lead inspections, risk assessment and abatement activities in residential housing and child occupied facilities built before 1978.

Department Responsibility

The Environmental Lead Program is responsible for administering the laws and regulations related to lead detection and abatement.

Specific program activities of the program relate to:

  • The application process for accreditation of training providers
    and monitoring of accredited courses.
  • Applications for certification to conduct lead-hazard inspections and risk assessments and review of inspection and risk-assessment reports.
  • Applications for certification of abatement detection companies, supervisors or workers who wish to conduct lead-hazard abatement.
  • Review of abatement plans, issuance of abatement permits
    and Inspectors/Risk Assessors conducting quality inspections of abatement sites.
  • Complaint investigations related to certification or work practice procedures and standards violations.
  • Regulated community and consumer education.


To maintain certification in Kentucky you shall at least 30 days before the expiration date indicated on the certificate, submit to the department:

  • A completed application
  • A fee established in Section 8 of administrative regulation 902 KAR 48:020; and
  • Documentation of successful completion of an approved refresher course for the appropriate discipline, taken within the last 12 months of the certification period.

After attending an approved initial course and applying for certification by the department you must become certified within 12 months or  reapply for initial certification and pay the initial fees.


Links and Contact Information

Staff Contacts

General Compliance Assistance:

 Brian Short,  Program Administrator
(502) 564-4537
Fax #  (502) 564-0885


Jennifer Billingslea,  Program Coordinator
(502) 564-4537 Ext: 4223
Fax #  (502) 564-0885


Amber Agee
(502) 564-4537
Fax  (502) 564-0885