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COVID-19 Update on Certifications:

Senate Bill 150 Section 1
Senate Bill 150 Section 1 allows certificates extension for 30 days beyond the expiration of the state of emergency. If an individual needs this extension due to inability to find or complete training, please email Jennifer Billingslea the details. Individuals still may do business during that time.   

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Lead is a toxic metal used in some paints made before 1978. Children are exposed to lead when older buildings are in poor condition. Today, childhood lead poisoning affects 310,000 children in the U.S. six years old and younger. A simple blood test can help prevent damage caused by lead poisoning.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program


Anyone who provides lead hazard services certification training must be licensed. Certification is valid for two years. To renew, apply 30 days before certification expiration.


Lead Hazard Training Provider


Lead Hazard Training Provider

​​​​​Accredited Training Providers 


Anyone performing or offering lead-based paint services must be certified. Certification is valid for two years. To renew, apply 30 days before certification expiration.

Third-Party Testing Information: (Updated due to COVID 19)
When: 9 a.m.  May 28, June 11 and June 24  
Where: 275 East Main Street, Frankfort, KY
Cost: $50 test fee due at or before testing

Any individual coming to take the third-party exam must be symptom free and wear a mask. Please mail or email all materials including a copy of the check as opposed to bringing hard copies. We appreciate your help reducing the spread of COVID-19. 

Third-party testing must be scheduled at least three days in advance to ensure staff are available.  


Individual Certification
Company Certification


Inspector Initial
Risk Assessor Initial 
Worker Initial
Supervisor Initial
Project Designer Initial
Company Initial

Inspector Renewal
Risk Assessor Renewal
Worker Renewal
Supervior Renewal
Project Designer Renewal
Company Renewal

​​​​​Company Listing 

Quality Assurance

All inspections, risk assessments, clearance and post-abatement reports must be submitted to our office 30 days after completion of the inspection. All abatement application plans must be submitted at least seven days in advance. 


Abatement Permit


Risk Assessment
Abatement Permit
Post Abatement