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What It Is

​The Electronic Plan of Correction (ePOC) application will eliminate the need for paper-based communication between Certified Nursing Home providers and the Office of Inspector General when submitting and reviewing plans of correction.  

Once providers complete the ePOC enrollment process and review the ePOC training webinar, they can begin accessing the CMS-2567 Statement of Deficiencies (SOD) and enter their Plan of Correction (POC) via the secure website created by CMS .  

Please use the information below to assist you with obtaining the two accounts that will be needed to access the ePOC application: 

  1. CMSNet Account
  2. ePOC Account

Note: Users needing access to plans of correction for more than one facility within the same corporation will not register online. Multiple facility/corporate users must use the information and form located below within the section, Multiple Facility/Corporate Access.

1. Individual CMSNet Account

Do you currently have a CMSNet account?

  • If yes, skip ahead to the section below, 2. Individual ePOC Access.
  • If no, you'll need to submit a request form for access to the CMSNet Secure Access Service by doing the following:

Visit CMSNet InformationComplete the CMSNet Online Registration by providing the required information to request a CMSNet user ID. View CMSNet Online Registration Instructions for more detailed assistance.

Note: CMS does not permit sharing user IDs.

In response to your CMSNet access request, you will receive an email from MDCN containing your login information. Using your new CMSNet login ID/password, connect via the CMSNet - Submission Access link located on the CMSNet Information website.

Select the appropriate state, proceed through the warning and enter your CMSNet login ID/password.

Note: New CMSNet users will need to install the Juniper Network Client when entering the site for the first time. Installation instructions will be found on the CMSNet Information page.

2. Individual ePOC Access 

Note: CMS allows a total of four ePOC user accounts per facility.

ePOC Account/QIES User ID

Once the CMSNet account is established and you are successfully logged into the CMSNet - Submission Access site, you can proceed with requesting a QIES account with ePOC access. 

Select the link, CMS QIES Systems for Providers.
Select the link, MDS and ePOC User Registration.

If you already have an MDS account for your facility and would like to add ePOC access to your existing ID, select the Access Update option above the Provider ID Registration form. You will not need to complete the online form, simply login with your existing ID/password to add ePOC access.

If you don't have an MDS account, complete the Provider User Registration form and select submit.  (There will be a user’s guide located at the upper right corner of the page)  Click OK on the Successful Registration pop-up window and print your confirmation page and/or write down your new login ID/password.

Disconnect by signing out of CMSNet.

Proceed to the email account provided during registration to obtain the necessary activation instructions to complete the final step of the registration process.

Accessing the ePOC Application

Accessing the ePOC Application After Successful Registration

After completing the registration and activation process users may access the ePOC application immediately by using the following steps:

  1. Select the ASPEN Access (ePOC) link from the CMS QIES Systems for Providers welcome page. 
  2. Select the ASPEN Web link from the ASPEN Access page to reach the ePOC application login. 

These steps may be followed at any time after registration and activation have been completed.

  1. Go to
  2. Select CMSNet Information. (upper right corner of page) 
  3. Select CMSNet - Submission Access
  4. Select the appropriate state, proceed through the warning and enter your CMSNet login ID/password. 
  5. Select the web link titled CMS QIES Systems for Providers. 
  6. Select ASPEN Access (ePOC) (bottom of page) 
  7. Select ASPEN Web (upper left corner of page)
  8. Enter your QIES login ID/password to enter the ePOC application.

Multiple Facility/Corporate Access

Multiple facility/corporate users will not register online and must use the form below to request a CMSNet user ID and QIES user ID for the ePOC access.

ePOC User Account Request

Once the form is sent to the QTSO Help Desk as noted CMSNet will be notified of your need for a corporate CMSNet account. If you already have a CMSNet account, please note this on your fax coversheet or within the body of the email when sending your request to the help desk.


For issues with the Secure Access Service login or Juniper Client Installation, please contact support via e-mail at CMSNet User Support or by calling (888) 238-2122. 

For assistance with the MDS and ePOC User Registration, please contact the QTSO Help Desk at (888) 477-7876. For general questions, contact ePOC Support within the Office of Inspector General.