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What It Is

What is the KY-EDRS?

The Kentucky Electronic Death Registration System (KY-EDRS) enables death records to be filed online with the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics (OVS), creating a paperless option.

The online KY-EDRS supports collaboration among multiple users including funeral homes, hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, coroners, advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, dentists, or chiropractors and OVS.

With KY-EDRS, funeral directors, physicians and medical certifiers can complete the death registration process faster with fewer errors and more efficiently.
The KY-EDRS also:
  • Saves time and effort.
  • Allows error correction enhanced accuracy. 
  • Supports completion and filing of a death record partially in electronic format and partially on paper if all participants are not online.
  • Eliminates the need to obtain signatures.
  • Electronically verifies Social Security numbers.
  • Improving turnaround time for obtaining certified copies.
  • Ensures security by requiring user authentication.

Login Information for KY-EDRS:

Login to KY-EDRS - registered users only
If you are interested in becoming an active participant, please contact the Office of Vital Statistics at (866) 451-3781.

KY-EDRS User Guides:

KY-EDRS Training

The Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics offers training sessions on how to register and file death certificates through the Kentucky Electronic Death Registration System (KY-EDRS).
These two-hour training sessions are available at no cost to all current and new users of the KY-EDRS. Training takes place at the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services in the CHR Building at 275 E. Main St., Frankfort, KY. Though KY-EDRS training is not mandatory for participation in the online system, users may find it helpful to take part in a face-to-face training session with Office of Vital Statistics staff. Training sessions are available upon request. Please call (866) 451-3781 to request a training session.

KY-EDRS Help Desk Telephone Numbers

Staff is available during regular business hours to answer questions and provide assistance using the KY-EDRS. Please use the following telephone numbers:
  • For questions about using the KY-EDRS call (877) 545-6175 during regular business hours.
  • For help resetting your password call (877) 545-6175 during regular business hours.
  • For questions about proper completion of the death certificate (business rules) call the STATLINE at (866) 451-3781 or call (502) 564-4212, extensions 3231, 3232 or 3260 during regular business hours.

Funeral Director Information

Medical Certifier/Coroner Information