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What It Is

The Kentucky Immunization Registry (KYIR) is known as an Immunization Information System (IIS). KYIR is a Web-based, statewide, centralized, population-based, across-the-lifespan, and easy-to-use system that includes standard tools such as patient history, dose forecasting according to ACIP recommendations, reminder-recall, prints official immunization records with no signature required, on-line inventory management, and automated reporting of doses administered. Automated report functions are available to assess immunization coverage as of a given date for each provider, the entire State, or subgroups within.

The system includes deduplication and associated data quality management tools to combine all information of a particular individual into a single, accurate record. KYIR is capable of both uni-directional and bi-directional data exchange with electronic medical records systems. KYIR is able to accept and send HL7 formatted data and assures the security, privacy, confidentiality and accuracy of the data transferred to and from, as well as within, the system.

Enrollment Forms

To join the Kentucky Immunization Registry, complete the enrollment forms below and fax them to the Kentucky Immunization Program. 

The KYIR team will contact you within 10 days with a username and password to access the registry.

Training Materials

Training materials, including videos and quick guides, are located in the Reports/Training Module in KYIR. Once you have your username and password, you can access the training materials on KYIR. The following links to two frequently used videos are provided for quick access: