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In 2011, the Kentucky Department for Public Health brought together an advisory group to create the first coordinated chronic disease prevention and health promotion state plan.

Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease, arthritis, cancer, COPD, diabetes, asthma and obesity are the most common and costly of all health problems in the U.S. and Kentucky. One of every two adults in Kentucky has at least one chronic disease. These common chronic diseases are preventable for many people and can be well controlled in others. 

The advisory group created a framework of four strategic areas:

  • policy, systems and environmental changes that support healthy choices;
  • expanded access to health screenings and self-management programs;
  • strong community-clinical linkages; and
  • translating data into useful information for community partners, health advocates and decision makers.

The KDPH advisory group joined forces with the Community Transformation Grant leadership team to create a combined effort called Changing this Generation through Unbridled Health. In November 2012, more than 180 stakeholders provided input and feedback for state plan strategies and activities. The plan was named Unbridled Health.

The Unbridled Health state plan is now representative of more than 100 organizations united through shared vision and common commitment.  Chronic disease is too big and complex a problem for any one group to address efficiently and effectively. A coordinated approach to chronic disease challenges stakeholders, community partners and decision makers not to do more with less, but, instead, to unite forces and do a few things well. Together, we can work to improve the health of Kentuckians young and old. 

We invite you to review the Unbridled Health Plan and consider joining us in our call to action. For more information, contact Bonita Bobo