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Radiology is a medical specialty that uses imaging to diagnose and treat diseases seen within the body.


Radiological services includes:

  •  x-rays
  • ultrasounds
  • computer-assisted tomography
  • magnetic resonance imaging)

These are limited to procedures provided by a facility licensed to provide radiological services.

Prior Authorization Information

Radiology providers are not responsible for obtaining a prior authorization. Any necessary  prior authorization should be obtained by the prescribing provider.

If you are a member and have questions, contact Member Services - (800) 635-2570

Provider Information

CT Scan Diagnoses
Recently, the Department for Medicaid Services requested a review of the medical necessity of CT scans performed for Medicaid members. The review revealed that many diagnoses appear unrelated to the medical conditions/reasons for CT scans.

Inaccurate diagnosis coding may result in the denial or recovery of services because the medical necessity of the scan can not be determined. Medicaid funds can be used only for medically necessary services.  CT Scan Diagnoses

Contact Information

If you can't find the information you need or have additional questions, please direct your inquiries to:

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