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Medicaid will pay for medically necessary services. A copay is required unless the member is exempt.

Is Prior Authorization required for some services? Payment is fee for service. Many services require prior authorization. Prior authorized service codes are indicated on the Fee Schedule web page, as well as previous versions of the physician fee schedule and the physician injectable drug list.

If you are a member and have questions, please contact Member Services at (800) 635-2570.

Provider Information

Fee Schedules

Current Fee and Rate Schedules

To request older copies of fee schedules, please submit an open records request by mail or fax directly to the open records custodian at the address is below.

Open Records Custodian
Dept. for Medicaid Services
275 East Main Street, 6W-C
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
(502) 564-8196 (P)
(502) 564-6917 (Fax) 

Archieve Physician Fee Schedule

​2018 Schedule: PDF  - Excel
2017 Schedule PDF - Excel
2016 Schedule PDF - Excel
201 5 Schedule PDF - Excel
2014 Schedule PDF - Excel

Archieve Physician Administered Drug (PAD) List

2017 PAD List
2016 PAD List
2015 PAD List
2014 PAD List

Contact Information

  •  For billing questions, contact DXC at (800) 807-1232 or visit the website
  • For provider questions, contact the Provider Services Call Center at  (855) 824 5615
  • For provider enrollment or revalidation questions, contact Provider Enrollment at  (877) 838-5085
  • For KyHealth-net assistance, email EDI helpdesk
  • To report fraud and abuse, contact Fraud Hotline at (502) 564-2348
  • For pharmacy questions, contact Pharmacy Support Center at (800) 432-7005
  • For pharmacy prior authorization questions, contact Pharmacy Prior Authorization at (800) 477-3071