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As adults, your healthcare needs may vary, and Medicaid may be able to help you out in many different circumstances.

Programs & Services

Kentucky HEALTH - Is designed for able-bodied working age adults and their families.
Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries – helps pay Medicare premium and cost-sharing.
Long-Term Care Facilities – For people living in a nursing home or contemplating nursing home care.
Intermediate Care Facilities - Intellectual Disabilities – services for individuals that require a planned program of active treatment on an inpatient basis.
1915(c) Waiver Programs – programs designed to help recipients stay in their home.
Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program - women not otherwise eligible for Medicaid, but diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer.
Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse - Options for behavioral health and substance abuse needs.
Medicaid Works – Program for people with disabilities who work.
Medical Transportation
Presumptive Eligibility- Program for eligible pregnant women to receive prenatal care through Medicaid.

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