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What It Is

The KI-HIPP Medicaid program helps eligible members of the public enrolled in the program pay for the cost of employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) premiums, which is the amount you pay to your health insurance company for coverage. 

The KI-HIPP program may also provide access to a wider healthcare network by providing access to the full traditional Medicaid network. It may also allow an entire family to be on the same health insurance plan.

​Who is eligible?

To be eligible for KI-HIPP, you must be eligible for Medicaid and have access to employer-sponsored insurance through current or past employment (United Mine Workers, Retiree Health Plan, and COBRA). For more information, view the Eligibility video or check out the KI-HIPP 101 and KI-HIPP Member FAQ below.

How can I apply?

Apply directly online at, get help from the Department for Community Based Services or call toll free (855) 459-6328. For more information on how to enroll in KI-HIPP, view the Enrollment video. For more information on how to stay enrolled in KI-HIPP and receive KI-HIPP benefits, view the Ongoing Member Responsibilities video.