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The Kentucky HIV/AIDS Planning and Advisory Council (KHPAC) is a 30-member body appointed by the governor to carry out the provisions of KRS 214.640, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention HIV Prevention Community Planning Guidance and the Health Resources and Services Administration Planning Bodies Manual.

KHPAC works in collaboration with the HIV/AIDS Section of the Kentucky Department for Public Health to ensure HIV/AIDS prevention activities, services and  policies meet the needs of the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about KHPAC, please contact Gloria Dennis at (502) 564-6539 or (800) 420-7431.


Council Representation and Structure
KHPAC consists of the commissioners of the departments for Public Health and Medicaid Services and 28 appointed members who represent HIV/AIDS stakeholders, including people living with HIV/AIDS, high-risk populations, AIDS service providers, HIV/AIDS prevention workers, mental health providers, community-based organizations and friends and family of people living with HIV/AIDS.
Membership Vacancies
KHPAC currently is accepting applications or council membership. Council members have a rare opportunity to participate in the planning process for HIV/AIDS work in Kentucky.

To apply please download the KHPAC Membership Application  AND the Boards and Commissions Application , or contact  Gloria Dennis  at (502) 564-6539 or (800) 420-7431.

Current KHPAC vacancies include representatives of the following groups and communities:
  • Non-minority community-based organization

Governing and Planning Documents