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What It Is

​The Department for Community Based Services supports individuals building their child care business. These resources help providers understand the policies needed to operate a quality program.

​Types of Child Care

  • Licensed Child Care Centers Type I and Type II - A  licensed type I child care facility is a facility that regularly provides child care services for four or more children in a non-residential setting; or 13 or more children in a residential setting. A licensed type II child care facility is the primary residence where child care is regularly provided for at least seven, but no more than 12 children, including no more than 12 children related to the licensee.
  • Certified Family Child Care - Care provided in a caregiver's own home for no more than six unrelated and no more than four related children at any time (total of 10 children).
  • Registered Early Childhood Professional - Typically a family member, friend or neighbor who cares for children in his or her own home or the child's home. A registered early childhood provider may not care for more than three children unrelated to the caregiver or more than six children if they are a sibling group.

Highlights of child care provider requirements in Kentucky.

Are you interested in opening a child care center? 

Licensed Type I and Type II/Certified Providers
Child Care Aware staff meet with new providers on a regular basis. At the initial meeting, you will receive information to guide you through the process. Contact the Kentucky partnership for early childhood services, use the map or drop down list to find a health and safety coach in your area and inquire about scheduled Getting Started meetings for new child care providers.

The Getting Started meeting is recommended but not required to apply for a child care license. To apply without technical assistance, submit your application directly to the Division of Regulated Child Care:

Registered Early Childhood Professional

Follow the steps outlined to become a registered provider or ask to speak with a registered provider specialist.

Child Care Provider Requirements

Child care center operators must follow some basic rules called regulations. Regulations outline the minimum  health and safety standards for your center. For a complete list of child care regulations, see Chapter 2 of the Kentucky Administrative Regulations.

The Division of Child Care and partners have created standards of practice to help providers understand the rules and standards for each provider type.

Kentucky All STARS

Kentucky All STARS is the expanded five-star quality rating and improvement system for type I, type II and certified family child care homes. Kentucky All STARS aims to improve, support and recognize constant quality improvement efforts of early learning programs. Providers are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. One-star providers meet state licensing requirements.

Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)


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