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​What It Is

A registered early childhood provider typically is a family member, friend or neighbor. Care is provided in the child’s home or the provider's home. An early childhood provider may not care for more than three children not related to the caregiver or more than six children if they are a sibling group.

A registered professional may care for no more than eight children during hours of operations. This includes three children not related to the professional and up to five of the professional’s own children or a sibling group related to the professional of no more than six children and the professional’s own children, not to exceed eight children at any given time.

A registered early childhood professional must meet all requirements of the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) as outlined in 922 KAR 2:180. Registered professional applicants must meet the minimum health, safety and training requirements and not live within the same household as the child. A registered professional may care for children in the child’s home or their home. The links below outline the process for each avenue.

If you are interested in becoming a registered early childhood professional, please see the links below to find out more information. 

Please return all completed forms to the Registered Provider Inbox.

Child Care Assistance (CCAP)

CCAP is Kentucky's subsidy program that helps families obtain and pay for child care. The Division of Child Care is responsible for all child care professional support. The Division of Family Support assists clients in applying for the program. The Division of Child Care coordinates subsidy payments to professionals, CCAP professional fraud reduction and registered professionals.

The goal of this program is to provide access to quality child care that allows parents to work, attend education and training programs and/or participate in the Kentucky Works Program through the Kentucky Temporary Assistance Program. Child care subsidies are also available for child protective services.

To obtain Child Care Assistance funds as a professional, you have to be registered, certified, or licensed. 

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