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What It Is

The National Background Check Program was launched in March 2018.  It is essentially a "one-stop" shop for providers to complete all required background checks.  All child care staff members must have their background checks completed by the new system no later than September 30, 2018 in accordance with 922 KAR 2:280.

DCC will no longer accept paper-based Child Abuse/Neglect (CA/N) Registry checks for child care staff members via the DCC-374 – Child Care Central Registry Check form  or the DPP-156 – Central Registry Check form.  DCC will only complete paper-based CA/N checks for anyone under the age of 18; a volunteer or other adult who does not meet the definition of child care staff; or the request is from an out-of-state provider/entity.

The NBCP uses the KARES platform on the Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG).  If you do not have a KOG account or if you need access to KARES, please contact Division of Child Care's Help Desk at