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What It Is

The National Background Check Program was launched March 2018 as a one-stop shop for all required child care background checks. All child care staff must have background checks completed in accordance with 922 KAR 2:280.

DCC no longer accepts paper-based Child Abuse/Neglect Registry check requests for child care staff members. Exceptions include checks for those younger than 18; volunteers or other adult who do not meet the definition of child care staff; and requests from out-of-state providers.

The NBCP uses the KARES platform on the Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG.)  If you do not have a KOG account or if you need access to KARES, please email the Division of Child Care Help Desk.

For information about offenses that would prevent a person from being employed by a child care provider, please see Section 6 of 922 KAR 2:280.


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