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Child Care Related Statutes

Please note, when using the links below, the Child Care Regulations are listed under Chapter 2.

922 KAR 2:020 - Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) improper payments, claims and penalties

922 KAR 2:090 - Child Care Center Licensure

922 KAR 2:100 - Certification of Family Child Care Homes

922 KAR 2:120 - Child Care Facility Health and Safety Standards

922 KAR 2:160E - CCAP Emergency Regulation (for immediate implementation of new CCAP rates)

922 KAR 2:160 - CCAP Ordinary Regulation (contains public comment and hearing information)

922 KAR 2:180 - Requirement for Registered Child Care Providers in the CCAP

922 KAR 2:190 - Civil Penalties

922 KAR 2:230 - Director Credential

922 KAR 2:240 - Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer Credential and Training Approval

922 KAR 2:250 - Commonwealth Child Care Credential

922 KAR 2:260 - Child Care Service Appeals

922 KAR 2:270 - Kentucky All STARS Quality-based Graduated Early Childhood Rating System for Licensed Child Care Centers and Certified Family Child Care Homes

922 KAR 2:280 - Background Checks for Child Care Staff Members, Reporting Requirements and Appeals


Chapter 199 Protective Services for Children - Adoption 

199.011-Definitions of chapter.

KRS 199.892 to 199.896 Child Care
199.892-Declaration of legislative intent
199.894-Definitions for KRS 199.894 to 199.896
199.8941-Monetary incentives for child-care facilities; Professional development
199.8943-Quality based child-care rating system; Administrative regulations
199.8945-Healthy Start in Child Care Program; Technical assistance for child-care providers
199.896-License requirement; Application; Fee; Emergency action; Use of information; Hearing; Disposition of receipts; Advertisement; Unannounced inspections; Orientation and training requirements; Prohibition against use of corporal physical discipline
199.898-Rights for children in child care programs and their parents, custodians, or guardians-Posting and distribution requirements
199.8982-Family child care home certification program; When required; Requirements for certification; Unannounced inspection; Use of information; Authority to promulgate administrative regulation; Hearing; Emergency action; Training
199.899-Market rate survey to determine rates for child care services receiving public funds
199.8992-Development of statewide network of community-based child care resource and referral services; Awarding of contracts
199.8994-Uniform administration of child care funds; Dedicated child care licensing surveyors


Chapter 200 - Assistance to Children

  • 200.151-Early childhood development fund-Purpose-Source of moneys-Strategic plan for fund distribution-Annual report and audit.

Early Childhood Services
200.700-Early Childhood Development Authority: Membership: Meetings
200.703-Duties of Early Childhood Development Authority; Implementation of programs; Disbanding or suspension of councils; Expiration of authority, councils and initiatives; Healthy Babies Work Group; Vision examinations; Requests for proposals
200.711-Early Childhood Professional Development Council

Other Child Care Statutes

  • Chapter 13 B – Administrative Hearings
    Chapter 17 – Public Safety – Criminal Records and Statistics
    Chapter 45 - Budget and Financial Administration
    Collection of Debts Owed the Commonwealth
    Chapter 81 - City Classification, Boundaries, and Alternative Method of Consolidating Governmental Services Consolidation
    Chapter 164 -State Universities and Colleges – Regional  Education - Archaeology
    Chapter 186 - Licensing of Motor Vehicles, Operators, and Trailers
    Chapter 194A - Cabinet for Health and Family Services 
    Chapter 202A - Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill
    Chapter 211 - State Health Programs
    Chapter 214 - Diseases
    Chapter 600 - Introductory Matters
    Chapter 605 - Administrative Matters
    Chapter 620 - Dependency, Neglect, and Abuse

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