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What It Is

The KICCS Provider Portal is used by child care providers to submit billing and view documents for the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), complete plans of correction for the Division of Regulated Child Care and submit documentation and receive correspondence for the All STARS program.

Contact the KICCS HelpDesk for help creating an account, navigation assistance or system issues related to the Provider Portal.

Local (Frankfort): (502) 564-0104, Option 6
Toll-free: (866) 231-0003, Option 6

CCAP payments will continue to be paid based on enrollment rather than attendance until June 20, 2021. DCC will continue to pay the parent copay portion of the CCAP payment with Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations funds. 

Provider billing forms (PBF) should be submitted the same as for January, February and March 2021. School-age children should be coded according to school district attendance rules and the following instructions:

  • In March, most Kentucky school districts began returning to in-person classroom instruction. Most school-age children no longer will be attending full-day child care. Providers still may bill for days the school-age child attends child care full time when the school district does not offer in-person classroom instruction. Federal CCAP guidelines do not allow child care providers to be paid for a full day of care if the school offers in-person classroom instruction. If the school district offers in-person classroom instruction and parents choose not to have their children attend, CCAP will pay only for a part day making the parent responsible for paying the provider for a part day.
  • Some school districts provide in-person classroom instruction for children a few days a week on a rotation schedule. If the school does not offer in-person classroom instruction and the child attends child care all day for NTI work, CCAP can be billed for a full day.
  • Providers are advised to make the certificate for CCAP school-age child enrollments a regular school schedule (part day when school is open and full day when school is closed.) This allows providers to make exceptions on the PBF according to the needs of the child and the school district. Please continue to follow policy by leaving a note in the Provider Note Box explaining the reason for the exception.

Stay informed by joining our listserv. Email your first name, last name and email address to sign up.

All STARS COVID-19 Changes

  • All child care centers will remain at their current All STARS level.
  • All level 2-5 STARS-rated child care centers will have their All STARS certificate expiration date extended by one year.
    • Exception: Child care centers with current All STARS certificate expiration dates in 2019 and through March 2021.
    • The expiration dates for these centers will be extended by two years.
    • Child care centers will be able to print their updated certificates via the Provider Portal.
  • AQRs automatically will be approved. No documents are required from the child care centers for AQRs to be approved.
    • This includes all backdated AQRs never finalized or submitted, due to the state of emergency. 
  • AQRs will be approved based on center STARS/licensure expiration month. If the expiration month has already passed, those AQRs will be processed in upcoming weeks.

  • All STARS

    Licensed and certified child care providers are now able to do the following using the Provider Portal:

    • submit standards checklist and upload supporting documentation
    • submit AQR form
    • view All STARS correspondence

    The All STARS User Guide and the All STARS User Guide in Spanish  - Portal De Proveedores Guía Del Usuario - provides additional information to help navigate the All STARS menu and workbaskets.

    Contact your quality coach for more information regarding the All STARS program.

    Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Information

    Child care certificates, termination notices and approval notices are available on the Provider Portal. Initial child care certificates can be signed and uploaded through the Provider Portal for workers to process. An enrollment approval notice displays once the signed certificate is received and the child’s enrollment is updated to active status. Review the CCAP Certificates/Notices Tip Sheet for further instructions.

    Payment, billing and enrollment questions should be directed to Division of Child Care (DCC) billing at (844) 209-2657 or by email.

    DCC related paperwork, such as DCC-94B Authorization for Electronic Deposit or paper provider billing forms (PBF) may be submitted via email. Note: Child care certificates should not be sent to this email. 

    Signed child care certificates may be returned via upload to Provider Portal or by mail or fax:

    P.O. Box 2104
    Frankfort, KY 40602
    Fax: (502) 573-2005 or (502) 573-2007

    Self Service Portal is available for parent applications.

    Registered child care providers can use the Provider Portal to upload/view documents requested by DCC. Review the Registered Provider Document Upload tip sheet for instructions.


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