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KICCS Provider Portal

All STARS now is integrated with the KICCS Provider Portal enabling providers to submit All STARS-related forms and supporting documentation through the portal. KICCS also allows providers to view All STARS correspondence from the Division of Child Care, All STARS history and ERS reports. All new applications for higher quality should be submitted through KICCS. Paper and emailed forms will not be accepted after Oct. 1.

For more information about KICCS and to view the All STARS User Guide, visit the KICCS Launch Page.

New Providers

Providers of licensed type I and type II child care centers and certified family child care homes automatically are enrolled in Kentucky All STARS at a Level 1. Programs accepting public assistance must participate in Kentucky All STARS. Programs with a preliminary license may only participate at a Level 1. New providers wishing to apply for higher quality should contact their Child Care Aware health and safety coach.

Current All STARS Providers

Providers seeking Level 3-5 quality ratings in Kentucky All STARS must participate in an environmental observation with a Cabinet-approved rater. Child Care Aware technical assistants can provide quality coaching and practice observations  to candidates in preparation for a rating visit. For more information, please contact a Child Care Aware quality coach.

Technical Assistance

Child Care Aware technical assistance is available to all providers for quality improvement, professional development and health- and safety-related coaching. Level 1 and 2 providers generally work with health and safety coaches to ensure adherence to state regulations and develop quality improvement plans. Once providers meet the required standards for Kentucky All STARS, they work with a quality coach to apply for a higher quality rating. Although a provider is not required to work with the Child Care Aware technical assistance team, those who do often have greater success in the application for higher quality.

Monetary Incentives

There are no monetary incentives for Level 1 participation. Level 2-5 providers have access to Child Care Aware technical assistance staff for quality improvement, professional development, and health & safety related coaching. Level 2-5 providers qualify for initial achievement and annual quality awards. Level 3-5 providers also qualify for subsidy enrollment awards. Monetary incentives will be granted while funding is available. Click here to see a chart of All STARS monetary incentives.

Applying for Higher Quality

  • DCC-432 Standards of Quality Verification Checklist/DCC-432 Spanish: Kentucky All STARS Lista de control de parámetros cualitativos
    Providers submit verification of standards by completing the DCC-432 in the KICCS Provider Portal. Please contact your coach for assistance with this form. Requests for environmental rating visits are also initiated through this form. Please refer to the Standards of quality Submission Guide for guidance on evidence documents commonly accepted for verification of standards.
  • Standards of Quality Submission Guide
    Providers may use this guide to help compile evidence documentation for submission of the DCC-432 Standards of Quality Verification Checklist. While this guide provides useful tips to help prepare for a quality rating, we strongly encourage providers to work with a quality coach before submitting. 
  • Environmental Rating Scales (ERS)
    Providers seeking a Level 3 rating or higher must participate in an environmental observation visit by a Cabinet-approved rater. Level 3 programs have no minimum score. Level 4 programs must have a minimum score of 4.0 in each classroom. Level 5 programs must have a minimum score of 5.0 in each classroom. The environmental rating scales that may be used during your rating visit include:
  • Infant/Toddler (ITERS-R)
  • Early Childhood (ECERS-R) 
  • School-Age Care (SACERS-U)
  • Family Child Care (FCCERS-R)

Note: As of Aug. 1, 2018 the Division of Child Care rating scale for early childhood will be transition to the ECERS-3.

To schedule a rating visit, please complete a DCC-432 Standards Verification Checklist and indicate that you would like to schedule an ERS visit.  If you have questions regarding a pending rating visit, you may contact the rater assigned to your region by using the Rater Contact Sheet to locate their information.


If the cabinet determines that a provider does not meet the standards for the STARS level for which the provider is certified, a provider may accept a lower rating level or may submit an appeal.

Providers with questions regarding All STARS applications, rating visits, or quality improvement should contact their Child Care Aware coach. For more information, email the Division of Child Care or phone toll-free (844) 209-2657.

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